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Video #1: The REAL reason you’re not getting the results you want.

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Video #2: The 3 Magical Components of Healing, And The 7 REAL Root Causes

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Video #3: Putting it All Together, The True Work to be Done 

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Learn more about working directly with Dr. Maggie Luther:

REAL Root Cause Health Consult

For those who want to work with a holistically minded

practitioner to uncover the REAL root causes of your health

concerns. You’re not quite ready for on-going guidance or

accountability, but want someone to help point you in the right

direction. This in-depth consult and holistic plan will get you

started addressing the REAL Root Causes. 

Health Accelerator Program

The most in depth way to work directly with Dr. Maggie.

Geared for those who are ready to do what it takes to

heal: ditching the information overload for REAL actionable

guidance, with an accountable partner, who will help get you

the results you desire. This 12-month program has the

potential to radically transform your well-being.

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