In our neck of the woods, because we’re invested in healing systems, not treating symptoms,

these guidelines are the FOUNDATION of our recommendations. 

Every woman is unique! She/they is/are on a unique path, with a unique past, and a unique experience in life. Did I say you were unique. 😘

Natural medicine fails when everyone “who all have the same condition” such as PMS, PCOS, fatigue, or estrogen dominance, are all given the same natural recommendations.

A person with estrogen dominance who is constipated, has anxiety, worries & sleeps poorly is WAY different from a person with estrogen dominance, PMS, IBS & depression. Don’t be fooled by people who preach root cause, yet give similar treatment recommendations.

You want a plan that’s unique to you, and will actually support your unique healing journey! 🦋

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see well meaning motivated women make is to think a supplement will heal their symptoms. 

Supplements are “supplemental” and they’re intended to accelerate and guide the healing process. 

You should NEVER expect to be on the same supplement routine for the length of your healing journey.

You need to work with someone who can change the plan as you heal! 

Once you’re healed, long-term supplement recommendations should really be built off of key deficiencies you can’t meet from your diet and lifestyle choices! 👊

There is no magic supplement, no one size fits all diet, and no hack that is going to heal you and make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Make sure you’re not being fooled into believing one or two “tricks” will cure all your woes.

In order for you to get to where you want to be: healed, energized, living an inspired life, you’re going to need to embrace the healing journey.

That journey is what heals, teaching you so much about yourself along the way! 💜

Healing is a process, not an event.

It requires a thoughtful path and a well researched plan. 👣

You aren’t going to magically heal your symptoms by picking some miracle supplement, starting a daily regimen of golden milk or hot lemon water, or by getting your doctor to run your cortisol in isolation of everything else. 

You need your own personalized HOLISTIC long-term plan to heal your symptoms. This means you have a strategy for your diet, supplements, lifestyle factors, mental and emotional health, and so on. It means you’re actively investing in your health.  

If you want to heal, the doctor’s visit model won’t get you there. The visits are too short and don’t offer enough accountability in between visits.

There is no sugar coating it: change is hard. You need the RIGHT level of support to reach your health goals! 

What happens when you get stuck? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with the changes you need to make? Who do you call when you feel like you’re failing? What do you do when you hit a period of no motivation?👇🏽

You need the right length visits, and direct support in between visits. That is how real change happens.  


Healing is a journey. While YOU have to do the work to get the results you’re looking for, you DON’T have to do it alone.

Studies show that when you are accountable to a coach or community, you are much more likely to:

1) achieve your goal permanently  
2) get there faster

Change is hard. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to make a plan! 

Don’t give yourself the short stick by thinking you have to do this all by your lonesome. Find the right person or group of people who will help you get to where you’re going!


Labs are great ONCE you’ve put together the complete picture.

The whole picture includes an extensive health history, deep dive into your current health challenges, understanding day to day diet and lifestyle habits, family history, mental/emotional influencers on health (work, finances, support) & so on…

DON’T build your healing plan on lab values alone! Labs are an additional piece of uncovering physiological & biochemical imbalances. Labs clarify root cause disturbances on the physical level! They are just one tool, in the healing tool belt, to bring clarity to the underlying imbalance(s).💥 Never treat yourself on lab values alone.  

You’re not a symptom. You’re a whole person experiencing a slew of symptoms. To really HEAL, you need to work on all of it: body-mind-spirit. 

You don’t just have estrogen dominance, constipation, or hypothyroidism. You are a person who expresses key imbalances, and in order to heal them, you’ve got to have your own healing PLAN.

Many physical symptoms stem from mental & emotional issues that never fully resolved. Many physical symptoms can lead to mental & emotional anguish.  

All of this needs to be taken into account to create a personalized healing plan that gets you better. 🤗

When it comes to healing there is WAY too much information out there. You’re looking for answers, and mostly what you get is overwhelm. 

What you truly need though is less information and more implementation. You need a holistic approach to healing – not a piecemeal approach. You need someone to put all the pieces together for you, give you a clear step by step plan, and monitor your progress as you set out  to heal – adapting the plan as you go.

Healing is never static and requires you to update your supplements, your mindset, and your strategy on-goingly.

The reasons my clients get Real (great) Results is because we live in a state of Intentional Healing. 

The outer world is a reflection of the collective inner world of each human being. 

If you’re like me, which I know you are, hence why you’re here, you know that you want to impact the world in a positive way. 

Today’s world is a reflection of the group consciousness…some good, some not so good… 

As you heal, you inspire others to heal, BY showing up as the best version of yourself. As we each take responsibility for our life and our health, we can help shift the world into a place where care and generosity are an everyday norm!

Social well being on a mass scale will only happen when we each heal ourselves from the inside out. 🌺