What If:

You were able to have all the energy you needed, slept great at night, woke rested, and didn’t have the afternoon slumps?

Your gas, bloat, indigestion and digestive issues were gone, for good?

You finally got off the emotional rollercoaster and felt in control with your mood, rather than letting it control you?

Your skin was glowing, free of acne and blemishes, and you loved the girl looking back at you in the mirror?

Your next period “came out of nowhere” because you no longer got those horrendous cramps, aches & pains, cravings, breast tenderness or irritable mood?

You found that you loved yourself everyday, not just somedays, even with life’s ups and downs?

You felt sexy more often than not, tapping into your sensual energy as part of being human and honoring ALL of your needs – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

Now, imagine all that happened because, you finally learned how to FOCUS your efforts correctly on HEALING your symptoms at the REAL root causeHOLISTICALLY; rather than treating each symptom separately, using information you saw online, read in a forum, or were sold at the natural health food store?

We’ve been in the natural health field for decades.

This is how you get Real Results:

✔️A clear step by step plan that includes actionable bite size pieces, continually moving you towards whole body health.

✔️Solid dietary, lifestyle, and stress management habits, which are the foundation to YOUR well-being

✔️Regular consults where the focus is on correcting broken systems to heal symptoms…NOT on treating symptoms, which doesn’t heal them.

✔️Accountability between consults, because the real magic happens day to day!

✔️Natural medicine solutions, individualized to YOU, that are adapted as you heal. 

✔️A wellness plan including strategic supplements. The goal is to use supplements as they are intended: to supplement the healing process. Then move on to a new supplement routine as you heal….eventually not needing many of them, because you healed! Get it 🤔 Got it 😜 Good 🙌🏽

✔️Advanced laboratory testing that will uncover physical root causes of your symptoms, which will support your healing process.

✔️Mental and emotional healing! We don’t just do the physical here at Your Wellness Expert….we’re aiming for lasting results. You get it all: the symptoms, the feelings, your life purpose. 


We combine our expertise as a Holistic Doctor (ND), Herbalist RH(AHG), Coach & Guide to support you along the healing journey.

Doctor = provide you with rationales, reasons and a clear action plan 🤓


Clinical Herbalist = use natural therapies, with a focus on herbs, to help restore health 💫

Coach & Guide = support and encourage you as you walk your own healing journey 💕  

What does working with Dr. Maggie require of you?

🦋Be ready to stop wasting efforts starting and stopping different programs or treatments, taking random supplements or trying out every diet under the sun.

🦋Be open as you set out to heal. Healing is a two steps forward, one step back path, and having someone there to help you see when you should stick with the plan is critical. Read more about How Healing Works.

🦋Be willing to dig into the mental and the emotional bodies so you can make the necessary changes to heal.

🦋Be ready to question your beliefs/habits, and remain inquisitive as you build your trust in the healing process.

functional medicine, holistic medicine

I know what it takes to heal symptoms for real, not just get you feeling good, temporarily. 

Having worked with hundreds of clients, and having healed my own symptoms at the start of my journey into natural medicine nearly 20 years ago, I can tell you that it’s not about what you aren’t doing…it’s not more information that you’re missing.

What you need to change, if you want lasting results, is your OVERALL STRATEGY. You need a different kind of plan for Real Results!