holistic healing
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Are you a motivated woman already into
a natural lifestyle?

Great!  You’re right where you belong. 

If you’re done with:

rabbit holes of despair

conflicting information

and overwhelm

I’m here to tell you there is definitely a better way!

REAL Answers

We put ALL the pieces together for you, providing you with a wellness plan that continually adapts as you heal.

Thoughtful Guidance

We care deeply about providing you with proven therapies, meaningful advice and actionable tools to heal.

Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole

You’re a person who needs an individualized healing plan, including physical, mental and emotional support.


You’re not a symptom that needs treating. We don’t do band-aids, we work on healing the REAL issues.


“In just six weeks, my tummy bloating has reduced substantially, my skin/hair/fingernails are healthier than ever, I’m losing stubborn belly fat and the very best part, my blood labs are changing for the positive!!” ~LB

“Dr. Maggie made it easy for me to understand what was happening with my body and the steps we would take to heal it. I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to help me set goals, achieve them, and appreciate my health.” ~MA

“I feel that Dr. Maggie is my partner in my health journey. 

I have more energy now in my late 30’s than I have ever had. My seasonal allergies have gone away. I am calmer and happier. Overall my body feels stronger and healthier.” ~TG

Dr. Maggie has a proven track record of helping women feel great again. Using her unique approach to healing, she helps women get lasting results by putting all the pieces together through: an in depth discovery process, utilizing advanced labs, and then guiding her clients step-by-step on the healing journey.

Blending the science of evidence based holistic medicine with the art of natural healing, clients walk away with lasting transformations in their health. Why? Because personalization is a norm around here. Healing doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. When you’ve got the right steps laid out in front of you, the hardest part of healing is already done.