“I came to Dr Maggie with a goal of getting off Rx medications.  While I have not yet achieved that goal (turns out 6-8 weeks cannot reverse 50+ years of damage), I am well on my way. 

In just six weeks, my tummy bloating has reduced substantially, my skin/hair/fingernails are healthier than ever, I’m losing stubborn belly fat and the very best part, my blood labs are changing for the positive!! 

Beyond the obvious (seeing results!), I love the personal attention, the support and the knowledgable explanations Dr Maggie gives.

Thank you Dr Maggie!”

“Truthfully, when I signed up and saw what was expected I thought, there is no way with my current health challenges I am going to be able to do this.

I had to tell myself to just do what I could…it would be ok if I was not 100% compliant. I made huge lifestyle changes. I gave up something I never thought I could (coffee!), lost a minimum of 10 pounds (losing weight has been a struggle for a few years now) and adapted to the gut healing diet very well.

I know I would not be feeling how I do today without participating in this group with Dr. Maggie. Working with Dr. Maggie will have a positive impact on you & your healing journey.”

“I sought out Dr. Maggie last fall about 5 months into my first full-time job since graduating from school in May. I am a Type 1 diabetic who hadn’t had great control over my disease and was starting to feel tired, depressed, and sick. I would especially feel sick at around 2 or 3 pm every day during work causing me to perform poorly at my job.

Dr. Maggie was extremely comforting and reassuring during our consultation and first appointments, something I had never experienced with a healthcare professional before. She made it easy for me to understand what was happening with my body and the steps we would take to heal it.

I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to help me set goals, achieve them, and appreciate my health.

I would recommend Dr. Maggie to anyone who has doubts about their health and want to heal themselves naturally. She truly cared about me every time I spoke with her.

“During the GUT Reset Program I had a huge aha moment! Because I was doing the right things for my gut, I had fabulous results with going off anxiety medication.

It was not on purpose that I went of my meditation. The pharmacy did not have what I needed. During that time, after about 2 weeks waiting for the medications to come in (because they are dye free and special ordered), it dawned on me I felt great and no longer needed the medication as long as I kept to the program.

Thank you Dr. Maggie”

“I feel that Dr. Maggie is my partner in my health journey.

Dr. Maggie took the time to understand my health issues and lifestyle and has helped me make realistic improvements to both.

She recommended some lifestyle improvements that not only helped me improve my energy levels, I have more energy now in my late 30’s than I have ever had. My seasonal allergies have gone away. I am calmer and happier. Overall my body feels stronger and healthier.

Dr. Maggie strives not only to help me but to educate me as well. I am truly thankful I found her! 

“Dr. Maggie was able to lay out a healing program that allowed the healing process to begin.

I have been dealing with nausea and indigestion for almost two years.

Through the GUT Reset Program, the changes I’ve made to my diet, along with a consistent daily regimen, has allowed the healing process to begin.

Although I still incur some nausea and indigestion, I’ve had a noticeable difference since starting the program and after only six weeks.

Dr. Maggie also suggests certain tests to get a better idea of what may be causing my symptoms so that she can adequately provide a complete healing program.” 

“Dr. Maggie has helped me pinpoint, and better understand the concerns I had with my health.

I had ‘flare ups’ over the years, and increasing muscle soreness, aches, digestion issues, pain, and restless leg that got so severe my daily life was compromised. A lot was happening, and I have, with her guidance learned much about what my body needs, and we have seen great results in a short amount of time

I am truly grateful for Dr. Maggie’s help, which addresses not only the body, but touches upon the mind, and spirit, and the importance of treating the whole picture.”

“Dr. Maggie listens without judgment and empowers her clients to regain good health using natural methods. I came to Dr. Maggie having gained a significant amount of weight. It was affecting all areas of my life, including my energy levels, digestive system and hormonal systems.

With kindness and gentle humor, Dr. Maggie has helped me to begin building a plan that has put me on the road to feeling better.

This plan includes eating and exercise guidelines and simple supplements, among other things, to help shift the negative habits I have developed over time and support various systems in my body.

Thanks to Dr. Maggie, I’m feeling more and more like a human every day!” 

“After our consultation, I felt confident that you would be able to help me with my IBS issue and decided to begin this natural medical journey with your professionalism. I respect your honesty and how straightforward you were as to what you would expect from me as your client.

Two statements you made will always stand out as to why I needed and could trust your help. First one when you stated you could help me; but I must take this seriously and do as you requested or I would be wasting yours and my time as well as my money. Secondly, that my IBS has to be healed on the inside of my gut first and that the approach I was taking by not eating certain foods will not work.

I would like to conclude by stating wholeheartedly – THANK YOU FOR HEALING MY IBS ISSUE, which now allows me to eat those foods that I love and didn’t want to deny myself from them. Yeah! 

“Dr. Maggie’s recommendations help tremendously with my anxiety.

I was lucky to find Dr. Maggie and decided to make an appointment. I do consider myself healthy and living a healthy life style but at the time, I was going through a rough emotional period and my anxiety was back.

Dr. Maggie helped me get back on a more relaxed path and prepare me for a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Maggie provides me with very useful guidelines to follow during this time of my life and has been providing a great support. If you’re looking for a naturopath that is trustworthy, serious, knowledgeable, open-minded and most of all kind at heart, I highly recommend meeting w/ Dr Maggie.”

“For years, I have dealt with joint pain, swelling, migraines and other digestive issues. I am not particularly fond of being on medication and was at a loss as to what I should do next.

Someone suggested naturopathic medicine may be the way to go, so I called Dr. Maggie. She has a multi-step approach between diet, supplements and an extensive review of all of the systems of the body that can go haywire after years of illness and injury.

I feel that her guidance and recommendations throughout this year have helped me to be a healthier person overall.