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Right now ~

💫You need help pinpointing what’s going wrong and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

💫You’re tired of being offered supplements that aren’t healing your symptoms. You need someone to connect the dots as to WHY you have the symptoms you do, and show you exactly what to do to heal them.

💫You want to feel healthier, but you’re tired of even healthy diets not working for you.

💫You want to work with someone who see’s the big picture, treats the whole person, and understands healing happens physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Ready To Ditch Those Frustrating Symptoms So You Can Finally Feel Great Again?

If you’re here, you suspect your hormones are out of balance, your adrenals are fatigued, or your gut needs healing. Maybe a combination of all three 🤔 

Your fatigue just won’t go away, no matter what foods you remove or supplements you take. You have too many days with very little energy, and you often want to curl up and hide.

You experience digestive issues, such as bloating and gas. Your PMS and moodiness make you want to scream. Your skin blemishes make you want to run and hide. 

You may even have been diagnosed with a condition such as PCOS, hypothyroidism or endometriosis. Or you may experience heavy bleeding, no bleeding (amenorrhea), or irregular cycles.

You may also experience regular anxiety.

You’re overwhelmed with trying to figure out what diet is healthiest, which supplements to take, and how on earth to feel like a normal human being.

You search obsessively for answers on “dr. google” and online forums; reading post after post. 

You’ve likely seen specialists, other holistic practitioners or functional medicine doctors. You’re over being offered pills, prescriptions, birth control or band-aid solutions to treat your symptoms.

And you’ve probably even gotten some results doing all of these things.

Just not enough to make you feel 💯%…otherwise, why else are you still on the search for REAL results.

So naturally you may be at a loss for what to do next.

Find solutions to health questions

As a Successful Holistic Doctor (ND), Herbalist & Nutritionist 

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, who are already into a natural lifestyle, but still aren’t getting the results they desire.

Maybe you can relate!?! 

The good news: there is definitely a better way.


The people who are a great fit working with me want to:

>> Learn how to heal their symptoms naturally, rather than treat them with brith control, over the counter meds or supplements that don’t address the REAL ROOT cause(s).

>> Work with someone who practices individualized medicine, even for people who experience the “same” conditions such as PMS or PCOS, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, adrenal fatigue, digestive complaints, anxiety or depression.

>> Get past overwhelm or setbacks and learn what it takes to heal symptoms, using diet, lifestyle, and mind-body medicine as the foundation to healing.

>> Understand how to heal their physical, mental and emotional health, realizing that holistic healing and addressing the whole being is the only true way to get lasting results.

>> Say goodbye to dr. google, online forums, conflicting information and confusion when it comes to what is the best thing to do to heal their symptoms.

>> Learn how to better trust their intuition when it comes to healing their body, mind, and spirit, and keeping themselves healthy while here on planet Earth.

>> Become the best version of themselves, living a life that they love; feeling confident, sexy and worthy!  

From a young age, I experienced regular emotional abuse from an alcoholic father. So much so that my sister and I would hide in fear when he would call us on the phone, drunk, yet again. (My father had his own set of emotional challenges from serving in the Vietnam war 💕)

During my teenage years, I started to experience regular physical and emotional symptoms. I had horrible seasonal allergies, the most painful PMS, an irritable stomach (likely IBS), and anxiety.

My allergies were so bad I’d carry a box of tissues around (did I say they were horrible😬). My PMS was so excruciating I would wake up in the middle of the night and pop Ibuprofen like it was candy – good thing I eventually learned how terrible that is for actually trying to heal.  

When things finally changed (for the better):

As a young girl, I already had an interest in healthy choices. Mainstream health advice sold me on milk protecting my bones and broccoli helping to prevent cancer. (I’m still convinced one of those things is accurate 😉)

So, when I went off to college, I experimented with everything I could get my hands on, when it came to natural health, mind-body medicine, nutrition and holistic healing.

During this time, my stomach started to feel great nearly all the time. My PMS was 99% healed. And in my third year, I remember waking up one day in late spring, early summer realizing my seasonal allergies were gone! My anxiety, completely within my control.

It was then that I realized, throughout those years, I didn’t do one thing, nor even a couple things to help my symptoms heal, I had gone on a healing journey.👣

I was literally living & breathing what I now call a Well-Being Lifestyle™: taking care of my physical, mental and emotional bodies through nutrition, movement, sun, using nature as solace, ingesting herbs daily, practicing yoga and meditation, doing mindset work, delving into emotional healing, and so much more!

I didn’t just take a supplement or remove a few foods to help myself.

I went through a process of self-discovery that encompassed healing on all levels.

And it became clear to me that healing doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.

It happens when you work on all parts of yourself: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

Daily 💕

I have a proven track record of helping people feel great again. Using my unique holistic approach, I can help YOU get great results because I put all the pieces together for you and guide you on the healing journey using:

  1. biochemistry as the foundation to bring health back
  2. evidence based/led natural medicine
  3. herbs, nutrition and lifestyle
  4. advanced laboratory testing
  5. my direct and motivational support: we live in a state of Intentional Healing 
  6. intuition (art of healing) to uncover the root of your symptoms on every level: physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual 
  7. recognition and honor for the healing power of the body-mind-spirit

Hearing these words is a common occurrence for me:

“Forever grateful for your help! You have changed my life 🤗.”

It makes me well up inside that I get to witness so many people heal themselves and transform their lives.🦋 

Because I have healed my own symptoms, and prevented them from coming back, I know first hand how to support YOU. Working with so many amazing clients over the years has allowed me to continually improve my ability to help people, just like you, truly get their self-love and self-worth back! 💃

For the past 20 years, I’ve been studying and applying the best of natural medicine, herbalism, nutrition, spiritual healing, mind-body medicine, and intuition that can help YOU break free, and live that symptom-free, energized, inspired life you so truly deserve! 🙌🏽

Are you ready?